Monday, 19 December 2011


Currently reading

I accidentally saw this book when I was searching for another book and quickly took it from the bookshelf. I ever read the review of this book somewhere on the internet and got interested in it. Hope I can fully understand the story since my English is getting worse lately -__-

On my waiting-list-to-read: 

I've never read Murakami's books before yet I always want to try to read them. Somehow they look absurd for me (yap, I sometimes judge the book by its cover). I, honesty, am not that sure that I could understand this book well, so that I didn't mean to buy this book at the first time I saw this on the bookshelf. I was actually searching for Norwegian Wood, another Murakami's novel which people say is the most realist novel among Murakami's. Unfortunately, the stock was 0, and at last I decided to buy this, The Wind-up Bird Chronicle. Whatever hampers me during the reading of this book later, I will try to finish it and get the story! #Fail haha. 

1. Norwegian Wood
2. Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman
3. Fight Club - Chuck Palahniuk
4. Latihan Soal SNMPTN (this is the priority, indeed *sigh*)


Holiday is coming to the town! #eh 
(Wish-it-will-be-a) Happy Holiday!

P.S 1: Sorry for the wrong grammar here. I know it's annoying.
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